Saturday, April 19, 2014

The (mostly) Food Post

So after posting my last entry, I realized there was a bunch of photos on my phone I haven't shared yet.  Most of them pertain to food.

 The first set of photos is one HF problem with the Czech Republic.  Such cognitive dissonance.   Red means "don't."  Green means "do."  Why is the door telling me what I should and shouldn't do?  Ironically this door leads to the Human Centered Systems branch of Honeywell Advanced Technology Europe (not that they had any say in the design of the workspace).

I took the next set of photos on my way to a dinner with colleagues downtown.  The left photo demonstrates a couple examples of modern design in old Brno.  The phallic looking thing is a clock designed to look like a bullet.  The bullet clock commemorates the battle that Brno had with the Swedes in 1645.  When a spy from Brno learned the Swedish army would head home at noon the next day if the city was not taken, the mayor decided to ring the bells early to trick them into leaving an hour early.  Every morning at 11am a little ball comes out of the bottom.  Still need to get one of those.  The photo on the right is just funny.

 The pizza place where this menu was found came highly regarded from my supervisor.  Last Friday I decided to try it.  I walked in, sat at a table and waited for the server to come by.  There was a slip of paper that read "2000" and I figured it was the receipt from the last people.  Apparently it was a reservation and the server informed me.  Looking around, there weren't any other tables open so I started to walk out.  The server stopped me at the door and lead me to another room where she removed a reservation and seated me.  This is something I am not yet used to- seating myself and having most of a restaurant in rooms other than the front room.  My table was nice as I could look at a decent sized aquarium and it was quiet.  The server brought me the menu and once again I had the feeling of being insulted.  "She brought me the kids menu, is this like in France where the Parisians mocked us?"  Upon closer inspection, it was just a zany menu with some zany options.  I ordered the Sicilian which had stewed peppers, onions, salami, and a tomato-chili sauce that added heat.  I definitely recommend it.

Oooh, fancy imported Bourbon!  I was feeling a bit homesick, so I purchased a bottle of Jim Beam to help me unwind after I got home.

Before my Seattle trip I realized all my work electronics used Czech power plugs.  Strange asking for a converter for the USA.

 Another co-worker recommendation was Zelena Kocka.  I was promised a new beer to try, good atmosphere and traditional Czech food.  The beer tasted like an IPA and the Czech food was better than the company canteen!  The wait staff was friendly and as attentive as you can get this side of the Danube.  They misunderstood what I was saying and brought me another beer.  No worries.

 So when I first started work and my supervisor asked me how I was adjusting, I complained about the pizza I had tried.  It had garlic, was greasy and made me sick.  He promptly referred me to Pizza Zakki and Pizza Amici.  Pizza Amici is just across the river/stream/creek/slow moving puddle near the dorms and delivers.  I have been mostly happy with what I have ordered and I can place orders online, avoiding the embarrassment of not speaking Czech over the phone.

Behold....3 kinds of pork on pizza:

2 Posts in a day?  I must have a lot on my mind.

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