Friday, January 31, 2014

The Checklist Post

So this post is primarily for me to try to go through everything I need before I go, what I need to do when I arrive, and maybe some other stuff.

I decided to live in one of the Masaryk University dorms.  Chose this because it was affordable and would allow me to meet more people and hopefully learn the language a bit.

I have been busy arranging my  finances so I won't go broke.  I sold my couch, desk, flight simulator hardware and 2 of my trumpets.  I received one of my financial aid refunds and should receive the other soon.  This will allow me to pay for my internship credits and have a little extra to live on.  I received a generous donation from some very good friends in Kansas who sympathize with living abroad (thank you again!).  I closed my bank account and will now only have my money in a credit union.  This will avoid fees and allow me to easily bank from my phone.  I notified the bank of my status so I don't get locked out of my account.  I contacted Verizon to ensure that I could use my phone with a foreign SIM card, and it indeed can.

Tomorrow I leave Daytona Beach and fly to Charlotte.  From there I take the 5:30pm Lufthansa flight to Munich, Germany and arrive at 8:20am Sunday.  Then the hop to Vienna, arriving at noon local time.  I will take a train to Brno Monday morning and a cab to my residence.  Later that day I will need to visit the lawyer to start the paperwork for my visa and on Tuesday I should be traveling to Bratislava to file the paperwork with the Czech Embassy there (I don't understand why the lawyer recommended doing it this way, but it sounds more expedient).

Upon arrival I will need to arrange for a Czech bank account, a SIM card, buy a bus pass (and learn the routes), find a grocery store, learn how to get to work, and find a decent pub.

2x power converters
1 package of moleskin
60 Euros
$100 USD
5x Pair jeans
8x Sweaters
1 Pair black dress shoes
2x pair walking shoes
1 Pair khaki
1 Pair grey slacks
1 Cell phone
1 Spare cell phone battery
1 External USB pocket charger
1 Digital watch
1 WSU beanie winter cap
1 WSU beer hoodie
Credit cards
Canon 50D with extended battery pack
10-22mm Lens
60mm Lens
USB Cable for camera
Portable hard drive
Laptop and charger
iPod and earbuds
Copies of passport, itinerary
Lists of addresses for my residence, Honeywell, visa lawyer
Small tube of toothpaste (for the plane)
Large tube of toothpaste (so I don't have to immediately learn the difference between brine cream and toothpaste)
Small mouthwash (for the plane)
Beard trimmer
Fingernail clippers
My wits about me

I might think of more.

Last 24 hours.

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