Sunday, February 2, 2014

Alive and Well in Wien

After uneventful flights, a train ride and a ride on the Vienna underground, I have arrived at the Sonnweber residence near the center of Vienna.  I finally met our foreign exchange student Tobias' family, Benedikt, Elisabeth, Elisabeth (with her 3 boys), and Christian.  After meeting and chatting, Tobias and I walked around the Stephansplatz square and saw the Stephansdom Cathedral, Austrian Parliament, the city hall, and several monuments I cannot remember.  Point is - Vienna is beautiful, historic, and accessible.  After the tour we had a lovely meal of venison with carrots, potatoes, and lasagna (that I wish I had more room for) that was wonderful.  Desert was chocolate pieces and sparkling wine.  All in all, I had a great time despite my compromised state of mind.  I wish I could spend more time here, but I must keep moving so I can check into my residence and complete visa paperwork in Brno; but I intend to return to visit my European family as soon as practical.  Benedikt is taking me to the train station in about 10minutes to go to Brno.  Pictures forthcoming.

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