Friday, February 7, 2014

Getting lost, getting stuff done, and getting bored.

On Tuesday I decided to go to the center of town to open a bank account and get a SIM card.  This did not end particularly well.  I planned the route through the bus infrastructure from the lawyers office to the Kolice stop near Freedom Square.  I got on the number 82 bus, however this bus did not stop at Kolice.  It stopped at a medical center and I had no idea where it was in relation to my residence.  I stayed on thinking that it would return to Stara Osada, but instead the driver asked me to get off.  After weighing my options in the freezing cold I decided to try to buy a SIM card from a grocery store and try to call someone.  This did not work because I didn't activate it.  Finally my GPS decided to work and I found I was only a mile (straight shot) from home.  Walking back I realized I was on a large hill and could see most of Brno, so that was nice.  The "not so nice" part was walking down the hill on icy sidewalks.  At least I survived to return home for some $0.50 beer.  Also got a decent shot of Moravia from high up.  The night ended late with me attending the distance class which ended at about 2am local time.
On Wednesday my strategy changed and I just took the number 3 tram to the Ceska stop on the East side of old town.  This proved successful and I managed to open a bank account and make a deposit.  I stopped by a Vodafone store to get my phone working; the customer service rep. punched a few numbers into the settings page and instantly I have SMS, phone, and mobile internet.  After that I toured around trying to take in the atmosphere.  Eventually I found Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral.  It was quite a sight, however it was difficult to photograph because there isn't much open space around it.  It is on the top of a hill and is surrounded by buildings.  Photographs were not allowed inside, but you can see some of it here.  If you use Google Chrome, it will translate the page for you.
Freedom Square in the center of Brno

The most complete photo of the Cathedral that I could manage

Baroque facade

Upon returning I went to the grocery store to pick up some food.  I am happy to report that I can now order things from the deli in Czech.  "Rad bych chvrtina kila" I would like a quarter kilo (from there I just point).  Wednesday was a productive day.

Thursday I slept in.  Not much else to say.  I was tired, it was cold outside.

Today I woke up and watched some international news on my Chromebook.  Then I decided I needed a pillow with more support (neck cramps) and started looking for a linen store. did not understand "linen store" but recommended Ikea and a hotel.  Out of hope that there would be a supermarket chain nearby similar to Wal Mart or Target, I googled supermarket and found Kaufland just down the street.  It was almost exactly like Wal Mart or Target with a couple of nicer things.  There is a dedicated butcher/deli and bakery in the front of the store for those who just want to pick up something quick for home.  It is brighter and cleaner than Wal Mart, but not trendy like Target.  Walking through the isles one could have thought that I had never seen a supermarket as I strolled around and looked at all the different brands, and took in the Czech take on several familiar foods.  "Mexico Sauce" and frozen pizza with corn on top were among my favorite oddities.

That's about it for now.  Tonight I am going to watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics and enjoy my corn and salami pizza with a beer.  I admit I am going to get really bored if my work permit takes much longer.  There's only so much I can do without a decent command of the language.  I would love to start work!

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